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senior program

we are dedicated to fighting senior hunger

in St. Johns county

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

 - Margaret Mead

The one and only program of Pie in the Sky is to deliver, at no cost to the recipients, fresh, healthy, and nutritious produce to the homes of low-income, hungry seniors throughout all of St. Johns County. Pie in the Sky purchases the freshest local produce available, adds other food items that have been donated by an array of other organizations and utilizes volunteers to sort, bag and deliver the food to 680 seniors in all four corners of St. Johns County. The recipients are screened and vetted by Pie in the Sky and other partner referring agencies for income eligibility, using the USDA Federal Poverty Guidelines, and their eligibility is also determined by their ability to prepare the food we deliver. Along with the food, volunteers deliver a healthy dose of compassion, providing much needed social support, enhancing the benefits of the nutritional support, thereby decreasing the host of chronic illnesses caused by both social isolation and hunger.

Pie in the Sky serves hungry seniors in all four corners of our county. We go to where they live. We bring food to the homes of seniors on dead-end dirt roads, just minutes from the heart of St. Augustine. We deliver to Elwood, a black settlement of former turpentine workers just off Highway 16. We take food to a brother and sister who live out in the countryside, just east of the St. Johns River, in a tiny little, centuries old farmstead; to multi-generational families in the desolation of Flagler Estates just near the Putnam and Flagler County line; to a senior who lives in a tiny settlement just off State Road 13, tucked back in the woods and untouched by time. Our drivers go north to Ponte Vedra and Nocatee, south to Crescent Beach, east to downtown St. Augustine and west to Tocoi, Picolata, Orangedale, Elkton, Spuds and Hastings. Where there are seniors in need in our county, that is where we go.

Our Volunteers

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