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We all know the prices of eggs have gone through the roof in the past year. But what you may not know is the impact those soaring prices have on the seniors we serve.
Many of our seniors are unable to afford meat as their protein source, so in years past, they have relied on eggs. But with the cost of a dozen eggs more than doubling in the last year, seniors find themselves priced out of the market yet again. With so few grocery dollars to spend already, the high cost of eggs is just one more healthy source of protein struggling seniors can't afford.


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​We aim to do something about that!

Pie in the Sky has always been about filling in the cracks and the egg crisis for seniors is the newest abyss that Pie needs to address to help maintain the health of our seniors.It will cost Pie in the Sky roughly $1,800.00 per month to provide one dozen eggs to each of our 550 seniors. That's one dozen meals worth of eggs to go along with the fresh healthy produce and the dry beans we deliver.​You can help us with a donation to our Egg-Cellent Egg-Venture Campaign. Just click on the link to help provide this important source of protein for our senior neighbors in need.We will be Egg-traordinarily appreciative for your help.


Author: Andrew Badillo

Published: 7:39 PM EDT March 29, 2023

Updated: 8:06 PM EDT March 29, 2023

HASTINGS, Fla. — The price of eggs has skyrocketed in the last year. 

What was once a cheap household staple has turned into an expensive source of protein. Pie in the Sky, a St. Johns County nonprofit, is raising money to help fixed-income seniors.

"We need to raise $50,000, and we've raised $30,000 so far and that's to bring two dozen eggs every month to a senior for a year,"

Pie in the Sky founder, Malea Guiriba, said. 

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