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We're Celebrating 15 Years of pie

It's hard to believe that the little pie shop that could has been around for 15 years. When we began our adventure out in Hastings, the idea was to fill in the cracks in services, mainly for the enslaved farmworkers, but we soon expanded into a food pantry and so much more.

Today, our senior produce program delivers fresh, healthy food to the homes of 676 low-income, hungry seniors throughout all of St. Johns County. And, that number continues to rise everyday. With prices at the grocery store rising steadily, our senior folks can afford less and less.

That's where you come in. Make a donation today to help us keep doing what we're doing. We just can't do it without your support.

This mission we are on, fighting senior hunger and filling in the cracks for seniors who have no where else to turn, is vital and the seniors we serve are so grateful. One woman recently said, "Because of you, I feel human again."

No senior should be hungry and certainly no senior should feel alone and unloved in a community that has so much to give.

Make a donation today and we will send you one of our fabulous new holographic stickers the folks at Sticker Mule.

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