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Why it is important to share posts on Facebook


Sharing a Facebook post might seem like a trivial action in the vast landscape of social media interactions, but its importance extends far beyond mere digital gestures.

Here are just a few reasons why taking just a second to click that SHARE button can make a big difference to the mission of Pie in the Sky:


Pie in the Sky operates with a limited marketing budget. Most of our costs go directly to our program. When you share our posts, you are amplifying the reach of our message to a broader audience. Each share increases the likelihood of reaching potential supporters who may be interested in the cause but are not yet aware of the organization's work.


Social media platforms are powerful tools for building communities around shared interests and causes. When you share our posts, you contribute to the sense of community and solidarity among supporters. This can lead to increased engagement, participation in events, and ultimately, greater support for our mission, which translates to: getting more healthy food to our senior neighbors in need.


Senior hunger is a pressing social and health-related issue in our community. When you share our posts, you help raise awareness about the issue of senior hunger and you help educate others about the challenges our seniors are facing. Increased awareness can lead to more informed discussions, advocacy efforts and ultimately, positive change in the fight against senior hunger.


Some of our posts are stories about the people we serve, our donors and others. But many of them are calls to action, such as donating, volunteering, or participating in fundraising events. When you share these posts, you are encouraging your friends and followers to take action, whether it’s making a financial contribution, volunteering or showing up at events. This collective action can have a tangible impact on advancing awareness of the Pie in the Sky mission.


When you share our posts, you are saying to others, “I know these people. I trust this organization and I believe in their mission. When your friends see these posts, it helps to lend credibility to the work we do. This social validation can be particularly powerful in motivating people to get involved and support the cause.


Pie in the Sky relies on donations to fund our senior produce program. When you share a post about a fundraising campaign or an event, you are helping to expand the donor base and increase contributions. Every time you click that SHARE button, you could be making a difference in the life of a hungry senior.


We all know about Facebook’s algorithms that prioritize content that receives high engagement, such as likes, comments and shares. When you share a Pie post you can help boost the visibility of our posts and increase the likelihood that more people will see it and become engaged with our mission.

SHARE. It is a simple yet impactful way for each of you to help support the mission of Pie.

SHARE: The more people know, they more they know.

SHARE. When you click that little word, you are amplifying the reach of Pie in the Sky, you are raising awareness of the issue of senior hunger in our community, you are encouraging action, fostering engagement, and playing a crucial role in the advancement of our mission.

SHARE. When you click that little word, you are helping to create positive change in our community.





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