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Pie in the Sky...fighting senior hunger in our community.

delivering hope
and fresh produce

It's who we are. It's what we do.

What we do

We believe the fight against senior hunger is one of the greatest struggles being faced in our community today. Seniors remain hungry on a daily basis due to lack of access to food and resources. We believe this is unacceptable. We believe that together, we can do more.

Food Delivery
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Who we are

Every year, every day, right here in St. Johns County, senior adults are living in poverty and are going hungry. Many don't know where their next meal is coming from. Pie in the Sky specializes in delivering fresh, healthy food to the homes of 550 of our senior neighbors in need.


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Check out our story about Eggs!

We all know the prices of eggs have gone through the roof in the past year. But what you may not know is the impact those soaring prices have on the seniors we serve.
Many of our seniors are unable to afford meat as their protein source, so in years past, they have relied on eggs. But with the cost of a dozen eggs more than doubling in the last year, seniors find themselves priced out of the market yet again.


With so few grocery dollars to spend already, the high cost of eggs is just one more healthy source of protein struggling seniors can't afford.  We aim to do something about that!

Raw Vegetables


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